Wood Construction

Decks, Arbors, & Pavilions

All of our decks are custom designed and constructed of hand selected materials. We have built all types and sizes of decks, docks, stairways, and garden structures. Many times the look and feel of natural wood is preferred over that of concrete or stone. This is particularly true of slopping sites or wooded sites where wood is a more natural choice.



Wood Fences

Our wood fences are also custom designed and constructed of hand selected materials. The custom design, quality construction, and use of quality materials insures that your wood fence is an aesthetically pleasing design feature in your landscape for many years to come.



Wrought Iron Fences & Gates

Wrought iron fencing and gates are often associated with the courtyards of New Orleans. We frequently use iron work along with brick to achieve the necessary enclosure of space while allowing the view to continue throughout the space. From traditional details to more contemporary designs, wrought iron can be a special accent in your project.



Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Outdoor living is a way of life here in the South. Whether it is for the big game, casual party, or just to relax, outdoor kitchens and living spaces are a functional and attractive element in the landscape. We have designed and built outdoor kitchens of all varieties for many different clients. There are wide variety of styles, appliances, and finishes that can be incorporated into any outdoor living space, whether large or small. Our experienced staff can help you design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams.



Swimming Pools & Fountains

Our staff of professionals have many years of experience in swimming pool design and we work closely with the best pool contractors in Baton Rouge. Whether you desire a lap pool for exercise purposes or want a more traditional pool for family enjoyment, we can help you with the design of this special element.




Hardscape Design & Construction

Custom concrete, Brickwork, & Stone

For many years we have been specializing in custom concrete patios, driveways, and entry walks. One of the most important features of a home is the entry sequence from a parking area to the front door. Another critical space of the home or office is the patio and rear walkways. One of the most popular and cost effective concrete surfaces is exposed aggregate concrete with brick detailing. We also offer a wide variety of stone and brick hardscape options.



Stained & Scored Concrete

We also offer stained and scored concrete. We have a wide variety of stain color choices available and have the ability to create just about any scoring pattern. These floors are very dynamic and are gaining popularity in our area.



Architectural & Decorative Concrete

Installation of stamped and patterened concrete in a variety of colors and patterns is one of our specialties. This durable and elegant surface has the aesthetic qualities of slate, brick, or stone without the maintenance problems associated with these materials. Additionally, this surface is very cost effective when compared to other materials.




Planting Design & Implementation

One of the reasons our gardens are so successful is quality planting design and through bed preparation. We are also very well versed with the plants that perform the best in our area. Our projects range from small courtyard planting designs to complete landscape master plans and the construction necessary to achieve a successful and enjoyable environment.





By far, our plantings that perform the best have irrigation systems. Even with high amount of rainfall per year in Louisiana, the extended periods of drought in the summer and fall months can spell big trouble for your gardens, trees, and lawn areas. With today's technology, high pressure sprinkler systems as well as low volume water systems are affordable and practical for many gardens. We can provide both the design and installation of irrigation systems on your project.



Night Lighting

Night lighting offers both beauty and security. Many gardens and courtyards take on a whole new look with landscape lighting. Trees, fountains, sculptures, and key plantings can be enjoyed both day and night with subtle accent lighting. We can help you with the design and installation of quality landscape lighting for your project.




Drainage is perhaps one of the most important issues that we face in the design of every project we do in Baton Rouge. We have drained hundreds of projects by use of subsurface drainage systems on all scales of projects. There are also very attractive surface drainage "Rain Garden" or "Dry Streambed" elements which become a beautiful part of the landscape. Our staff of professionals will survey your site and design a solution to solve your drainage problems.



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